SF Motors Stories May 29, 2019

Tesla’s original co-founder, Martin Eberhard, is launching yet another electric vehicle battery startup and it appears to be extremely similar to its previous startup, which was recently acquired by SF Motors to help them make their own electric cars. expand full story

SF Motors Stories April 10, 2019

SF Motors, a well-funded electric vehicle startup, is launching its brand as ‘Seres’ and unveiling the production version of the SF5, a sleek electric crossover with 300 miles of range. expand full story

SF Motors Stories June 1, 2018

SF Motors is moving ahead with its plan to build electric vehicles at the former Hummer factory in Indiana.

This week, the startup is taking over the plant and it announced $160 million in investments to build all-electric SUVs at the factory. expand full story

SF Motors Stories March 29, 2018

SF Motors, the electric vehicle startup launched by China’s Sokon, has been making a lot of moves over the last year, like acquiring AM General’s South Bend, Indiana assembly plant, where they used to produce the commercial Hummer, and buying the electric powertrain startup founded by Martin Eberhard, Tesla co-founder.

Now the company has unveiled the electric vehicles that they plan to produce. expand full story

SF Motors Stories November 3, 2017

SF Motors have made several moves lately that caught our attention, but it was never clear what kind of electric cars they will be producing since their parent company, Sokon, is known for making commercial vehicles and motorcycles.

As they closed the deal to buy the former Hummer plant in Indiana yesterday, they confirmed that they will be producing ‘premium electric vehicles’. expand full story

SF Motors Stories October 19, 2017

Earlier this year, we published an exclusive report about Tesla co-founder Martin Eberhard’s comeback in the EV space with a new startup. It is an interesting story.

Fast forward to today where we’ve learned that China’s SF Motors, which recently launched in the US, has acquired Eberhard’s startup. expand full story

SF Motors Stories June 22, 2017

Oh the irony. AM General’s South Bend, Indiana assembly plant used to manufacture the epitome of gas-guzzling vehicles; the Hummer.

But now the company announces today that they are selling the plant to SF Motors, a subsidiary of China’s Sokon, in order to convert it to an electric vehicle manufacturing plant. expand full story

SF Motors Stories September 27, 2016


We haven’t really heard much about Tesla’s original co-founder, Martin Eberhard, after the very public ‘founders disagreement’ with Elon Musk following his ousting from his role as CEO of the company back in 2008. He briefly led Volkswagen’s electric vehicle development in the US and later joined his former Tesla colleagues at competitor Atieva before leaving last year.

Now he resurfaces as a consultant for a Chinese electric vehicle company trying to enter the US market. expand full story

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