Quebec Stories October 27, 2016

tesla Montreal store

Earlier this year, Tesla made an unusual move for the company and hired two well-connected lobbyists in Quebec to push for a ZEV mandate in the Canadian province. Tesla’s effort was successful this week as the ZEV mandate was unanimously adopted by Quebec’s National Assembly.

Quebec is already an important market for electric vehicles since it is buying 45% of the electric cars in Canada despite representing only 23% of the country’s population, but a ZEV mandate will increase the number of electric vehicles available in the market and encourage automakers who are already investing in selling EVs in Quebec, like Tesla. expand full story

Quebec Stories May 4, 2016


Last month, we reported on Tesla already starting to deliver on their announcement made during the Model 3 unveiling event that the automaker will significantly expand its two networks of charging stations. CEO Elon Musk said that Tesla will double the number of Superchargers to 7,000 units and quadruple the number of Destination chargers to 15,000 units within the next 2 years.

Now Tesla is adding another location and starting construction of a much-needed 12-stall Supercharger in Montreal. expand full story

Quebec Stories October 9, 2015

Quebec to expands electric transport program with $420 million over 5 years

Quebec government announced today its new plan to accelerate the electrification of transport in the province. The Liberal government says it plans to spend $420 million in the next 5 year. The program is less generous than the previous government’s plan lead by the Parti Québécois who announced a $516 million program before being ousted during the 2014 election.

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