moped Stories May 31, 2018

Despite becoming a popular form of transportation across Europe and Asia, two-wheeled scooters and mopeds never really caught on in the US to the same degree. But with a new wave of electric scooters coming, perhaps the time is right for that to finally change.

Mahindra certainly believes so, and has put their money where their mouth is with a production facility for their all-electric scooter, the GenZe 2.0, in the heart of Detroit. expand full story

moped Stories February 3, 2016

PAris Scooter-electric-free

Paris, the city that pioneered the huge bike share Vélib’ system a decade ago and more recently began offering Small electric cars to rent via its Autolib’ program looks like it will begin offering an in-between electric scooter renting program operated by Cityscoot company. The company is said to offer 1000 of the quiet mopeds around Paris available to anyone over 20 with a moped license…  expand full story

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