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Can-Am unveils two new electric motorcycles set to reclaim the brand’s historic glory

can-am pulse origin

Back in the glory days of the 1980s, Can-Am was as hot as it gets, scooping up championships left and right on the track and trails. But just because the sun once set on this storied brand doesn’t mean it can’t rise again. And the unveiling of two new Can-Am electric motorcycles is trying to do just that.

Say hello to the Can-Am Origin and the Can-Am Pulse.

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New all-electric Can-Am Spyder concept with 105 miles of range [Video]

electric Can-Am spyder 3

Bombardier Recreational Products, better known as BRP, is having a lot of success with its Can-Am Spyder. It delivered the 100,000th unit last year. During the summer, you can’t travel far without driving by one on the road. The single rear drive wheel with two front wheels for steering is an interesting platform for an electric drivetrain and BRP knows it.

The company has been financing a project to create an all-electric version of the vehicle with the CTA and the Université de Sherbrooke for the past 5 years. They finally unveiled the all-electric concept at EVS29 last month. Expand