bob lutz Stories July 15, 2019

Some thought that Bob Lutz, a longtime auto executive turned industry commentator, has turned a new leaf when it comes to Tesla after some positive comments about its latest build quality, but the longtime detractor is again going after the company with lies. expand full story

bob lutz Stories March 30, 2017

Bob Lutz, the former GM executive often described as the “bad boy” of the US auto industry, is still pushing the old talking points of legacy automakers about electric vehicles. In a new interview with the Times, Lutz encapsulated the outdated vision for EVs and as usual, he took a swipe at Tesla.

At this point, it almost looks like it is his job to attack Tesla and electric cars.  expand full story

bob lutz Stories October 26, 2016


Bob Lutz, General Motors’ former vice chairman, can’t stop and won’t stop attacking Tesla in the media. CNBC had him on this morning ahead of Tesla releasing its financial results this afternoon and they let him straight up lie about the company’s financial situation without correcting him.

As usual, he also went after Tesla CEO Elon Musk, which now makes happier times, like the moment pictured above at the ‘Revenge of the Electric Car‘ premiere, seem like a bygone era. expand full story

bob lutz Stories August 18, 2016

bob lutz elon musk

Bob Lutz, former GM chairman and longtime automotive executive, is not one to shy away from making controversial comments on Tesla. He has been doing it for years. Earlier this year, I wrote a piece correcting false and misleading information he was spreading about the automaker.

Now he is back and his latest comment on the company is a doozy. In a new interview with the popular Car and Driver magazine, Lutz compared Tesla to socialism. expand full story

bob lutz Stories May 18, 2016

tesla model 3

Nowadays, it seems that Bob Lutz, former GM Chairman and now involved in a few low volume car projects, can’t give an interview without taking swipes at Tesla and Elon Musk. To be fair, he is often asked about it and led to comment on the subject, but it gets old really quick.

We can’t expect to change everyone’s mind and have them get on board with electric vehicles easily (well BEVs since Lutz is on board with PHEVs), but in this case, Lutz is spreading false and misleading information about Tesla in order to make his point. expand full story

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