ATV Stories June 8

For those who haven’t yet had the pleasure (or misfortune) to discover it, I happen to write a weekly column showcasing some of the weirdest and most awesome electric vehicles I can find on the eclectic Chinese shopping site Alibaba. I’ve actually bought some of the weird EVs I’ve found, as have some of my more misguided readers who disregarded my advice not to do something dumb like me and fork over real money for what sometimes looks like imaginary vehicles.

But this time one of my enthusiastic readers has even outdone me, finding something awesomely weird that I haven’t even featured yet, and then taking a several thousand-dollar leap of faith on it. So without any further ado, check out his wild-looking 6,000W standing electric ATV…thing.

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ATV Stories August 17, 2015

Ranger EVEarlier this year, Polaris bought the electric motorcycle maker Brammo. A few weeks ago, we wrote about Vicotry, which is a Polaris brand, unveiling the Empulse TT. As we explained, the TT is pretty much just a rebranding of Brammo’s own Empulse R, but rebranding aside, last week, Polaris unveiled the first all-new electric vehicle resulting from the acquisition of Brammo : the RANGER EV Li-Ion Polaris Pursuit Camo. expand full story

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