Arctic sea Stories January 19

Thousands of eco-tourists travel to the community of Churchill, Manitoba every year to catch a glimpse of the vulnerable polar bears that convene along the shallow waters of Hudson Bay. Perhaps surprisingly, the “Tundra Buggy” that takes these nature-loving tourists out onto the ice has been diesel-powered … until now.

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Arctic sea Stories November 20, 2016

Arctic sea ice hits record low by a scary margin – here are some terrifying charts

Due to its cyclical nature, the global sea ice concentration has been the source of some conflicted reports over climate change – sometimes even used as a talking point by climate change deniers when the ice was gaining before winter. It’s, of course, stupid since most scientists agree that the concentration of global ice is declining.

But unfortunately, it has never declined at a more impressive (and terrifying) rate than in the last 3 months.

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