Tesla is starting to deliver the Model 3 Performance vehicles to its store in order to build a test fleet ahead of customer deliveries.

We’ve now got our first good look at the new version of the Model 3.

The Model 3 has officially been in production for a year now and during that year, Tesla has offered extremely limited configuration options.

For example, the interior is only available in black faux-leather, but Tesla has introduced a white interior only available when ordering the Performance version of the Model 3.

It’s one of the rare ways to recognize a Performance Model 3 until they get their badges. The Performance version can also have a spoiler, but Tesla is still not shipping those either yet.

But if all those fails, you can spot a Performance Model 3 by looking at the wheels, which will be 20″, and you can see the red calipers behind them.

Marc Benton spotted one at Tesla’s Buena Park store in California – giving us our first close look at the car with a quick walkaround:

It’s one of the 100 Performance Model 3 vehicles that Tesla started sending out to stores around North America last week.

The vehicles are also expected to make it to customers in the coming weeks.

Tesla also released a few promotional pictures of the white interior:

Musk mentioned the limited availability of the white interior, which is why the option is linked to the performance version Model 3 until they can increase the production capacity, which is apparently limited to only 1,000 units per week for now.

In a previous poll about the Model 3 interior, we found out that about half of Model 3 reservation holders prefer the white interior.

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