Apparently, some people had issues with the livestream of Tesla’s Semi and Roadster unveiling event last month and the company didn’t release the video like it generally does after an event.

But now a month later, they’ve released a newly edited version.

Some people watching live told us that the feed failed them and they ended up missing parts of the presentation.

For example, a lot of people apparently missed CEO Elon Musk talking about a Tesla pickup truck built on the Tesla Semi platform.

Normally, Tesla releases a full video the next day after an event, but for some reason, it wasn’t the case with the Tesla Semi/Roadster unveiling.

In lieu of the official video, we shared a 9-minute supercut of the presentation, which I think will give you a good summary if you don’t have 35 minutes to watch the whole thing.

But at least now it’s here:

It looks like the delay might have something to do with licensing the music since Tesla changed a few songs in the video that wasn’t playing during the event (not sure about the livestream).

If you only have 9 minutes to watch, check out our supercut:

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