In this week’s top stories: Tesla Model 3 production and pricing details, France’s petrol and diesel ban, VW’s new EV research car, Chevy Bolt sales, and the latest solar news.

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New aerial shots of Gigafactory 1 show lots of activity this week as Tesla Model 3 production officially kicks off two weeks ahead of schedule. The latest pricing data from reservation holders shows the average sale price and budget for Model 3 will be close to $50,000. And Tesla upgrades its electric motors on the road to have powertrains lasting 1 million miles and also introduces new performance enhancements to Model S and Model X.

VW unveils an all-electric research car with 250 miles of range and mobile charging robots. GM’s Chevy Bolt EV sales increase to new high of 1,642 units. Norway gets a boost from Model X sales and reaches a record 42% EVs for new car sales. France announces a ban on petrol and diesel cars with plans to go all-electric by 2040. And we give you the latest solar and energy news as Tesla wins a contract for a massive 100/129 MWh Powerpack system in Australia.

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