After being among the first Tesla owners to receive the new forged aluminum Arachnid wheels, DragTimes performed a few tests and weighed them in comparison to the original 21″ Turbine wheels.

The result is about 34 lbs weight reduction and no tire spin, but also no noticeable performance spec improvements.

After weighing the wheels, Brooks from DragTimes figured that the forged instead of cast wheels save 10 lbs per wheel in the back and 7 lbs in the front.

It also saves a few pounds versus the stock 19″ wheels.

The tires that come with the new Arachnid wheels are Michelin’s Pilot Supersport.

Brooks did a quick 0 to 60 mph acceleration test and unsurprisingly, the difference isn’t big enough to have an affect. It came in at 2.42 seconds, which is in line with what Tesla advertises since the new Ludicrous+ update:

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