We’re here, for better or worse, this is Faradays put up or shut up moment. We’ll be doing the play by play.

The Venue is pretty swank, it looks like people flew overnight to get here:

The countdown has stopped and the music just got louder so something, anything has to happen…soon, right?

There’s a “reserve now” link which is live on the website

5k deposit, refundable, upgradeable to an “FF 91 alliance edition” which is limited to 300 units or you can do a ‘standard reservation’ with no money down and non-priority spot. The standard preorder literally just takes a button click and an email account on the site

Show begins in 1 minute (6:12PM PT)

6:15: Nick Samson recap time. very dramatic. 1400 Employees from 36 countries. MAke life better for the generations to come.




Some big words no cars yet tho…


1st look at the car:





Some charging specs:

200kw* DC charging (vs. Tesla’s current 145kW) peak charge rate is 500 miles per hour

130kWh of battery life

370 miles of EPA range (LA to Silicon Valley with miles to spare) 400 miles at 55mph

1050 horsepower

0-60- 2.44 secs.

(livestream is up, embedded below)


(refresh for the latest)

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