A Tesla Model 3 station wagon would fix the trunk problem [independent artist]

Tesla Model 3 Sportwagon Prototype

Independent rendering artist X-Tomi Design shared his vision of a station wagon version of the Model 3. 

While Tesla has no known plan to introduce a station wagon Model 3 – though the automaker is expected to introduce a crossover version on the same platform – it is still an interesting design exercise.

Some people have been disapointed by the Model 3 prototypes’ trunk (and frunk space). A lot of Tesla enthusiasts were expecting a hatchback and although CEO Elon Musk said that it will not be possible, he did say that the production version should have a bigger trunk opening.

Here are two renderings from X-Tomi Design:

What do you think? I personally like it, though I still prefer the sedan. It could be very popular in Europe.

Another designer did a similar exercise with the Model S: Tesla Model S Wagon: love it or hate it?

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  1. freedomev - 7 years ago

    I agree and love it but why did he put power robbing roof racks on it raising aero drag? Tesla would never do that or any good EV designer.

    • Accent - 7 years ago

      Some of us need roof racks for the odd day at the beach with windsurfers, surfboards or just to carry a few planks of wood home. Making them easily removable would solve the permanent aerodynamic issue.

      • freedomev - 7 years ago

        You can do that without permanent roofracks.

    • Kootenay EV Family - 7 years ago

      I highly doubt that the roof rails would take off even 1% of range. Per Accent, I use my roof rack all the time on my Subaru Forester.

    • Clance Heimervixen - 7 years ago

      I don’t think the designer who mocked this up has had hands-on experience with a Tesla. Or he would know of the bolt-on roof rack anchors vs. the rails he has shown. Goes against Tesla design 101. Also, the rear window is unpossible, the windows are frameless, so a split rear door window as shown is not feasible. I love the enthusasm, but you gotta do your research.

  2. dieter d - 7 years ago

    I need this! (minus the roof racks)

  3. Eric - 7 years ago

    As a European: GIMME! But ditch the stupid roof rails.

  4. This is the Model 3 I was hoping for. Love it!

  5. Andreas - 7 years ago

    Would be perfect for sweden, here we “only” have wagons. But I would also like have the rails integrated in the roof, same solution as Model S. I guess Elon know that you cant sell a car in scandinavia without the possibility to use a skibox

  6. Yves - 7 years ago

    I love this. Much better access to cargo space, much more versatile. Room to put bikes, canoe, and more on top (when needed). The Model X cannot do that because of it’s falcon wing doors.

  7. BEP - 7 years ago

    Cool, but at the moment all of their cars have a roof shape consisting of a single, rounded line, for aerodynamic purposes. It’s perfect for the S (aerodynamic and beautiful), while it’s less-than-perfect for the X (aerodynamic but ugly from the side) and for the 3 (aerodynamic but apparently unpractical trunk).

  8. Svein Friborg - 7 years ago

    I would love to have this version, the difference on range problaby is not that big.

    Reservation complete 31.03.16 🙂

  9. Dafty Punk - 7 years ago

    BE STILL MY BEATING HEART! Yes please for the wagon with rack mount rails!! I know it won’t happen (or if it does it will be awhile) but I would buy this in a heartbeat!

  10. Jens - 7 years ago

    every car I had so far was a station wagon. I really need&want the utility. I would give up 10 miles of range for that. But I don’t think, it’s gonna happen.
    Chevy Bolt / Opel Ampera-E would be my kind of car, were it not for the lack of an operational fast charging network…

  11. Steve Grenier - 7 years ago

    The design is nice but I much prefer the Model 3 as a sedan. Surprised how many of you seem to prefer this. Hopefully the Model Y won’t be too far off.

  12. Bul_gar - 7 years ago

    I don’t like station wagons but need to drive one because we have kid with stroller. Model 3 station wagon looks perfect and I would like to buy used one after 6 years.

  13. Jörg - 7 years ago

    Nice!! Thats exacrly what I want! Would instantly order it.

  14. - (@outforbeer) - 7 years ago

    could he render a hatchback instead of a station wagon.Tesla is more likely to do a crossover/hatch back before a stationwagon

  15. Illuminati - 7 years ago

    This: http://goo.gl/Yt8N3c

  16. Accent - 7 years ago

    That is the car I want. Have been pushing for a Tesla wagon since they started making the Model S. Some of us need to put biggish things in the boot. Eg transport the furniture I make.

  17. Sherwin Zadeh - 7 years ago

    Model Y!

  18. Nicely Done, I like the Model 3 the way it is, but this is a good second option for folks wanting more room. If they slip even a month to make a bigger trunk, thousand of people may loose their tax credit! (Last quarter of credit has no limit, so if you hit the limit on the first day of a quarter, you can make as many cars as you want that quarter. If plan slips month full 30,000 tax credits could be lost. Don’t mess with a great design risking 30,000 credits for a small number of tweets.

  19. Chris In Raleigh - 7 years ago

    Love it! That would take care of the only advantage my Nissan Leaf has over the Model 3.

  20. GD - 7 years ago

    I’d buy an awd version of this over the sedan any day, I’m in Canada.

  21. Jeff Sedun - 7 years ago


  22. Guest - 7 years ago

    It is fine just the way he made it. A massive amount of forethought was put into the design. For you to suggest otherwise is an insult.

  23. brian - 7 years ago

    fix the trunk problem? there is no trunk problem…

  24. maximilliususus - 7 years ago

    Please, make a station wagon, Tesla! That rendering looks absolutely spectacular! It is exactly what I need in my life

  25. Kranky - 7 years ago

    I’d much rather have the sedan, but I can see how a wagon would be more practical for carrying large items.

  26. Lex - 7 years ago

    I Love It! We needs wagons in the US and this change would make the appeal of the Model 3 even better from a functional point. My deposit is already made.

  27. Heleauto - 7 years ago

    Model W like Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaant! Now! Elon!

  28. Kootenay EV family - 7 years ago

    Now THAT I would have put a deposit on! Looks sexy AND has utility.

  29. Anon - 7 years ago

    Awesome! Especially the first (left) rendering looks great.

  30. Rob - 7 years ago

    Fantastic but too bad the front was not redone as it distracts from the beauty of this design. Tesla should make note that if they would license the Model 3.S,X platforms to small auto companies this design would have a better chance of becoming a reality even if made in limited numbers Tesla could spawn a number of mini Tesla start ups.

  31. larry - 7 years ago

    I like theophiluschin.com rendering much better.

  32. Kevin Lee - 7 years ago

    This is the version of Tesla I want. I ordered a model 3 but would switch to this wagon in a heart beat. Model Y in SEXY!

  33. SirTobi9681 - 7 years ago

    That is exactly what Tesla will need to roll up the German market…
    Nonetheless – also the rest of the European market will be a lot leaner without a station wagon


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