Quite a few aftermarket car tuners are now offering Tesla Model S modifications. There are a few accessories and maybe some light modifications, like aftermarket wheels, that are worth looking into, but for the most part, I wouldn’t recommend changing much of anything on the Model S for multiple reasons.

Not the least of which is aesthetic. Of course that’s just my personal opinion, but the stock Model S design is simple and elegant. It also has a segment crushing drag coefficient. I wouldn’t dare change that.

But some do dare. Here’s a recent tuned Model S from @teslamotors_uae on Instagram:

If you listen very carefully while looking at the picture, you can hear Franz von Holzhausen (Tesla’s Chief Designer) weeping.

What are some modifications that you have on your Tesla or you would be willing to make if you had one?

Update: Christian Roy suggests that it could be Will.i.am’s car:


It would explain a lot…

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