Software developer MOSAIC put together a quick demo of their latest project; a new ‘Alexa Skill’ that lets you connect your Tesla Model S to your Amazon Echo in order to perform the same functions the Tesla App can do, but through Alexa’s voice commands.

In a blog post, the company says that Amazon is reviewing the new ‘Alexa Skill’ for launch and describes how they managed to make it work:

MOSAIC created a platform that is engineered to connect your smart devises to your voice. That platform is currently being connected to the Amazon Echo, as we work diligently with Amazon to publish it for Echo users. For the purposes of our Tesla test (and bragging rights), we created an Alexa Skill leveraging the AWS developer console and we deployed our code in an AWS Lambda function to support the communication with Tesla’s API. By linking our MOSAIC Alexa Skill with the Lambda function, and crafting the voice user interface, MOSAIC makes talking to your Tesla possible. Pure magic.

Here’s the quick demo:

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