Ultra white interior Tesla Model X

During Tesla’s last shareholder meeting, two proposals were brought forward to offer vegan animal-free options for Tesla’s vehicles. The proposals were struck down, but Tesla went ahead with a vegan option for the Model X: Ultra White synthetic leather.

Tesla’s board of director recommended that shareholders vote against the proposals because it went as far as asking to end the use of leather in the interiors of Tesla’s vehicles, which could have weakened the company’s position as a luxury automaker.

Nonetheless, Tesla CEO Elon Musk listened to a PETA representative during the meeting and said he would look into the alternatives she was proposing.

Fast-forward to a few months later and Tesla introduces the Ultra White synthetic leather option for the Model X.

We’ve heard a lot of great comments about the new option and you can watch Signature Model X owner Jim Allen’s first impression of the seats.

Here’s the video (warning of low-resolution):

I’m a bit worried about denim stains on the material, but I suppose we will have to wait for reviews with a few weeks or months of usage to find out how it holds up.

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