Switzerland continues to be an impressive market for Tesla where the company delivers just as many cars as in Germany, even though it’s a much smaller market than its neighboring country. According to registration data, Tesla delivered 1,556 Model S’s in Switzerland last year and 193 units in December alone.

It makes the Model S the best-selling plug-in vehicle in the country and far outselling the second best; the BMW i3 with 888 units delivered in 2015.

Tesla’s all-electric sedan not only outsells electric cars and plug-ins, but also gas-powered cars in the same segment.

Tesla is trying to replicate the Model S’ success in the country to other markets in Europe. Last year, the company appointed its head of sales in Switzerland, Jochen Rudat, to lead Tesla’s team in Germany, where sales are up, but not at the level Tesla CEO Elon Musk hoped for.

2014 Model S sales in Switzerland vs 2015 sales:

Switzerland Model S reg 2015

Featured image: Tesla Model S, Zurich, 2013 by James Lipman

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