Local South African news is reporting that Tesla is planning to open an office in the country in early 2016. The company will first aim at developing the market for its ‘Tesla Energy’ products: the Powerwall and Powerpack.

There’s currently no word on Tesla bringing its vehicles to South Africa. 

Starting in January, Evan Rice will lead Tesla’s effort in the country. Rice is currently the CEO of GreenCape, an organisation which was formed to help develop the market for renewable energy in and around the Western Cape area.

Rice spoke with htxt.africa:

“Tesla will have one employee here from mid-January. But if we can find some solid business cases and get them going we will be expanding.”

Tesla will first focus on utility-scale projects using its Powerpacks, which the company started deploying in the US under its partnership with Advanced Microgrid Solutions (AMS):

On the Powerwall/residential side, Tesla already has distribution deals with renewable energy companies in South Africa, including Dako Power and Rubicon, joining several electric utilities in the NetherlandsVermont and Australia, which are set to receive the first Powerwalls in early 2016.

Featured imagine: AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu

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