I’ve long been a fan of the Oatmeal and Matthew Inman’s review of the Model S or “I’m in space Motherfucker” as he calls it, doesn’t disappoint.

If you click next at the bottom however, the cartoon turns a bit more serious. The TL;DR is that Inman is asking Elon Musk for $8M so he can create a Tesla Museum.

Inman mentions that Telsa Motors is using the inventor’s name and AC induction engine invention after all.

I’ll admit, I’m hoping a creative/inventive solution can be found. Perhaps Tesla Motors can sponsor the museum and throw in a Supercharger/Showroom on the premises  to justify the cost. $8M in the grand scheme of things doesn’t seem to be that much, especially when offset by the positive publicity.

Update: And just like that, it is on:

As Jay Yarrow points out, Google CEO Larry Page, who is a friend/admirer of Musk and probably a bigger fan of Tesla could also chip in a few bucks. 

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