Tesla Arcade Stories December 23, 2021

Tesla confirmed that it will shut down “passenger play,” which allows for playing video games on the center screen of its vehicles while driving. The change comes after NHTSA announced that it is opening an official probe into the situation.

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Tesla Arcade Stories December 8, 2021

People doing things they shouldn’t while driving is nothing new nor unique to Tesla, but the automaker is now under scrutiny by the NHTSA for going a step further and enabling in-car video games while driving.

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Tesla Arcade Stories July 26, 2019

Tesla has been ramping up its effort to integrate more video games in its cars and today, the automaker launched a chess game for its in-car arcade.

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Tesla Arcade Stories June 18, 2019

After first teasing it at E3 last week, Tesla is now launching its new ‘Arcade’ app and it produced a funny commercial for its new in-car racing game. expand full story

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