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smart transforms into an all-electric brand and teases 2023 crossover EV called the smart #1

smart EV

smart Automobile Co., Ltd. has officially begun its transition into an all-electric automaker by offering the latest taste of its first new EV following parent company Mercedes-Benz AG’s joint venture with Geely Holding. The 2023 crossover EV will be called the smart #1, kicking off the automaker’s new model nomenclature.

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Daimler brings electric smart cars under new Mercedes-Benz EQ family, adds faster charging

Daimler is getting ready to launch its latest electric vehicle effort under its new Mercedes-Benz ‘EQ’ brand.

We thought that the all-electric ‘EQC’ SUV would be the first vehicle under the new brand, but with the unveiling of the new electric smart cars, the German automaker announced today that these vehicles are now ‘smart EQ’ cars. Expand

Some Smart car dealers are considering stopping sales due to the brand going all-electric

Earlier this year, Daimler announced that it is converting the Smart brand to all-electric in North America and discontinuing gas-powered Smart cars.

By September, Canadian and American dealerships will stop receiving gas-powered Smart cars and the 2017 electric smart model year cars will become the only options.

We now learn that the move is facing some opposition with its dealer network as Smart car dealers are now considering stopping sales of the vehicles and going service-only. Expand