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Tesla is using the Superchargers to check the Model S’ seat belts under recall [Video]

tesla-model-s-performance-interior-seat-1270x631Last Friday, Tesla issued a voluntary recall on all Model S’s manufactured in the past 3 years to check for a possible defect with the front seat belts. The reason for the recall is due to a customer in Europe reporting earlier this month that her seat belt disconnected when she turned to talk to someone in the back seat. The defect didn’t cause an accident and the seat belt has been repaired.Tesla already inspected 3,000 other Model S sedans, but the company didn’t find the same problem with any of them.

Nonetheless, Tesla decided to issue a recall on the Model S to check every single front seat belt as a precaution. The company referred to the cost of the recall as “immaterial” since it only requires owners to go their local service center for a short inspection. Owners who already completed the inspection are reporting that they were in and out in under 5 minutes, but to make it even less on an inconvenience, Tesla dispatched technicians to Supercharger stations to inspect the seat belts while the cars are charging. Expand