Qiantu k50 Stories December 17, 2018

Mullen, a California-based electric vehicle company, announced that it secured a deal to bring the Qiantu electric roadster to the US. expand full story

Qiantu k50 Stories June 7, 2016

quiantu k50

In the past, I have complained about mainstream media consistently putting all electric vehicles in the same melting-pot with no or very little regard for vehicle segments, or anything else than the powertrain really. I think EV enthusiasts are already very aware of this problem, but I still want to highlight this latest example because it’s simply a great one.

A Chinese startup backed by Beijing CH-Auto, Qiantu Motor, announced a new factory to build its first vehicle, the Qiantu K50 (pictured above), an all-electric roadster, which the media are presenting as a direct competitor to the Tesla Model S, a sedan. expand full story

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