Jason Hughes Stories March 5, 2016

Model S hack

Yesterday we reported on notorious Model S hacker Jason Hughes revealing through a cryptic tweet to Elon Musk that Tesla is working on a new Model S P100D, something the company had yet to announce.

[tweet https://twitter.com/wk057/status/705659185493581824 align=’center’]

Hughes has since revealed that Tesla is trying to remotely push a downgrade update to his Model S, which he calls a “retaliation” for revealing the “P100D” information. expand full story

Jason Hughes Stories March 4, 2016

Model S hack

Tesla quietly discontinued the Model S’ 85 kWh battery pack earlier this year and now enthusiasts are anxious to know what the automaker’s next battery upgrade will be .

The company already offers the battery packs with the most energy capacity of any other electric cars on the market, but there’s always room to improve and a cryptic message sent to Elon Musk in the middle of the night last night could give us our best clue to what will be the next improvement to the higher-end version of the Model S. expand full story

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