Jason Hughes Stories March 5, 2016

Yesterday we reported on notorious Model S hacker Jason Hughes revealing through a cryptic tweet to Elon Musk that Tesla is working on a new Model S P100D, something the company had yet to announce.

Hughes has since revealed that Tesla is trying to remotely push a downgrade update to his Model S, which he calls a “retaliation” for revealing the “P100D” information. expand full story

Jason Hughes Stories March 4, 2016

Tesla quietly discontinued the Model S’ 85 kWh battery pack earlier this year and now enthusiasts are anxious to know what the automaker’s next battery upgrade will be .

The company already offers the battery packs with the most energy capacity of any other electric cars on the market, but there’s always room to improve and a cryptic message sent to Elon Musk in the middle of the night last night could give us our best clue to what will be the next improvement to the higher-end version of the Model S. expand full story

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