Ford F150 Electric Stories January 25, 2021

Despite a lack of information, the Ford F150 Electric is leading Tesla Cybertruck on appeal with potential electric pickup buyers, according to an interesting new survey.

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Ford F150 Electric Stories October 3, 2020

Ford has designed a removable range-extender that can drop into an electric pickup’s bed, which could possibly become an option for the upcoming F150 electric.

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Ford F150 Electric Stories November 26, 2019

Ford is taking offense with Tesla’s Cybertruck vs. F150 tug-of-war video after the former claims it wasn’t exactly fair. CEO Elon Musk agreed to redo it, and it sounds like they will stream the challenge. expand full story

Ford F150 Electric Stories September 2, 2019

Ford has already confirmed that it is finally making an all-electric version of its best-selling F150 pickup truck, but it wasn’t clear when it would be available until now. The automaker says the electric F150 will hit the market ‘before 2022’. expand full story

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