December 19, 2016

The use of lithium-ion battery cells in large energy storage applications is fairly new and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) wanted to know more about what would happen if one were to catch fire.

Tesla built its Powerpack with safety first in mind and was willing to put its battery system to the test. The company teamed up with NFPA last year and gave them two Powerpacks to set on fire. We got a hold of their test results. expand full story

November 2, 2017

Along with the announcement of the huge tax hike in the new republican tax bill, we have some other astounding ignorance coming out of the titular heads of government in the US today.  Rick Perry, who has received over $11.6 million from the fossil fuel industry in the course of his political career, soliloquizing about his recent experience in Africa, claimed that fossil fuels save lives and prevent sexual assault, at a discussion on energy policy sponsored by Axios and NBC news. Yes, really, he said that.  Full quote below.

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Home Solar Power

November 1, 2017

In Tesla’s Q3 2017 earnings report, they gave an update on their ‘Tesla Energy’ division. They highlighted being on track to meet the 100-day deployment deadline of the 100MW/129MWh energy storage project for South Australia. Mention was made of the work being done in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria – ‘solar panels, Powerpacks and hundreds of PowerWalls.’

Additionally, Tesla – at multiple points – pointed toward a future of more revenue from energy generation and storage. 11% of the quarter’s revenue came from the Tesla Energy division.

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October 16, 2017

Electrek Green Energy Brief: A daily technical, financial and political review/analysis of important green energy news. Featured Image Source

Vikram Solar launches new monocrystalline product line SOMERA – PERC monocrystalline solar cells reaching module area efficiency up to 19.05% (for 60 cells) and up to 18.45% (for 72 cells). 2,400 Pascal Wind load, 5400 Pascal Snow load and Dynamic Wind load. Extremely low LID and lower temperature coefficients. Cool to see manufacturers launching these 19% monoPERC products. Cool to see it is an Indian manufacturer whose got a big brand name and a cutting edge product. Germany, China, US, South Korea, Japan have all been making big volumes of panels for a while. Adding India – soon to be the largest country on the planet – will mean a huge market expansion.

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September 28, 2017

Electrek Green Energy Brief: A daily technical, financial and political review/analysis of important green energy news. Featured Image Source

Tracking the Sun 10: The Installed Price of Residential and Non-Residential Photovoltaic Systems in the United States – In total, data for this report were compiled and cleaned for more than 1.1 million individual PV systems, though the analysis in the report is based on a subset of that sample, consisting of roughly 630,000 systems with available installed price data. High level – prices have fallen further, but the price decline rate has slowed greatly. If you were waiting – it might be the time before Suniva tariffs hit. If you’re looking for guidance on what others, in the recent past, have paid for solar power in your region, this report is one of my favorites every time it is released. Here is the short version of the presentation – I recommend it if you want fast guidance, as a quick double-check versus quotes you’ve got from multiple vendors (and see image at bottom of article for state/size level pricing). If you really love the data – check out the long document.

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August 11, 2017

Green Deals: Sun Joe 14.5A Electric Pressure Washer $129, more

Amazon offers the Sun Joe 14.5A SPX3000 Electric Pressure Washer for $129 shipped. That’s good for $70 off the original price and the best offer available from a reputable seller. Today’s deal is $24 less than Home Depot, too.

June 16, 2017

“Goodbye car,” is what it says on the Trek website and that was our initial question: Can this bike replace a car for a meaningful percentage of commuters?

Clearly, Trek is positioning the Trek Super Commuter +8S bicycle as a viable alternative to a car for your daily commute. As far as the price of this bike goes that comparison is a fair one. For the $4,999.99 that you have to shell out for this bike, you could buy a used car! But let’s not talk money yet, could this bike replace a (preferably electric) car for your daily commute? Is the bike good enough and practical enough to replace the car for your drive to and from the office? I rode the Trek Super Commuter +8S from Croton-on-Hudson, NY to New York City to find out. Along the 40+ miles I rode on this bike, I encountered backroads, muddy single tracks, gravel roads, bike paths and the busy city streets of Manhattan. Granted, I don’t expect people to use this bike for a daily 40 miles commute each way, but the point was to put the Trek through its paces and see how it would stack up. How good of an electric bike is it really?

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March 23, 2017

Tesla is putting continuous efforts into making its battery packs safer. We saw a great example earlier this year when we reported on Tesla setting fire to a Powerpack to test its safety features with impressive results.

In its latest effort, the company filed a new application for a patent for an apparatus and method for ‘charging batteries safely’. expand full story

December 24, 2016

In this week’s top stories: Tesla’s 2017 Supercharger network expansion plans, Autopilot & launch mode limits, Musk’s tunnel digging company, the latest solar and EV news, and much more.

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September 9, 2016

If you are still waiting for your Tesla Powerwall order it’s because this guy in Australia is hogging them all. OK, maybe not all, but 6 units  – making his installation one of the biggest home energy storage in the country.

Natural Solar, one of Tesla’s authorized resellers in Australia, just completed the installation at the home of Clayton Lyndon in Queensland. The company released the details and the expectations of the system on Lyndon’s energy production/consumption. expand full story

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