Confederate Motors President Matt Chambers says that they reached the limits of what they can do with internal combustion engines in their crazy-looking mechanical design motorcycles.

So they are changing the name to Curtiss Motorcycles and going electric with the help of leading electric motorcycle maker Zero Motorcycles.

They will be making 13 more units of their $155,000, 150 horsepower, and 165 pound-feet of torque Bomber motorcycle, which will be the last bike under the ‘Confederate Motors’ name before they change it to Curtiss Motorcycles and go all-electric.

Chambers told Los Angeles Times:

“We can’t go any further than this. We’ve hit the ceiling. This is it.”

He said that the first vehicle they are working on is a twin-motor cruiser bike that “will produce the equivalent of 175 horsepower and 290 pound-feet of torque.”

Zero Motorcycles, which introduced bikes with over 200 miles of range in its 2017 lineup, is apparently on board with the project.

The Santa Cruz-based company has been supplying its electric powertrain technology to other vehicle manufacturers looking to electrify their lineup, like ‘the world’s first electric, stand-up personal watercraft’.

But now it would be to create a torque beast electric motorcycle with twin motors.

Chambers didn’t offer a timeline for the new bike, but his Birmingham-based company will be putting all their focus on it after delivering the last few of their gas-powered bikes.

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