After the silver Tesla Model 3 release candidate was spotted for the first time earlier this week, we now get some great new high-resolution shots of the vehicle.

It gives us our best look at the new prototype so far.

The silver color looks different from the original silver pre-alpha prototype that Tesla showed at the unveiling.

Nonetheless, it is already taking over the top spot in our ongoing poll of preferred Model 3 release candidate colors.

30% of respondent preferred it to the red, blue, black and white prototypes spotted.

A new friend of the site, who prefers to stay anonymous, sent us a series of high-resolution pictures of the prototype taken yesterday at Tesla’s headquarters:

We can still see that some panels appear misaligned around the back fender and trunk. That’s something that has been visible on the last few release candidates spotted during testing. Though again, the Model 3 release candidates are at difference stages of readiness and therefore, it’s not necessarily representative of the production version.

Thanks to the higher resolution, we also get a good glimpse at the dash and steering. Unfortunately, there’s still nothing new here:

Everyday Tesla is inching closer to production. They recently took delivery of a massive shipment of robots for the Model 3 production lines and earlier this month, they gave an update on the Model 3 production plan to reiterate a start in July and ramp to 5,000 units per week by the end of the year.

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