We have seen some pretty crazy vinyl wrap jobs on Tesla vehicles over the years, including a gold chrome Model S that looked fit for President Trump, but today we look at something completely different: a Tesla Model S wrapped to make it look like 2D cartoon.

Burnie Burns of Rooster Teeth, the creator of the Red vs Blue series, has a Tesla Model S P90D and wanted to make it look unique.

After some research to see if anyone had ever use cel shading to make a Tesla look like a 2D design out of something like the Borderland universe (the video game), he couldn’t find any example so he decided to be the first.

If the goal is to be unique, I think it’s mission accomplished.

He went to the ‘Graphics Guys’ in Austin, Texas to do the vinyl wrap and the result is quite impressive:

Here’s the vlog he made about taking delivery of the Model S after the vinyl wrap:

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