I’m generally not a fan of aftermarket body kits for Tesla, especially with the disaster that is Will.i.am’s Model S fresh in mind, but Unplugged Performance has come up with a few decent products in the past and their new Model X might be one.

The company unveiled the kit last week. It features a new front fascia, side skirt set, rear bumper ($1,000) and decklid spoiler ($1,500).

On its website, Unplugged Performance explains the idea behind making your Model X look sportier:

“The Tesla Model X P100DL is the quickest production SUV ever made.  It just doesn’t look as fast or aggressive as a BMW X5M or Porsche Cayanne Turbo S, even though it can leave them in the dust.  The Tesla Model X is an amazing feat of engineering.  Packing seven passengers into a “normal car” just isn’t possible but the unique design and engineering of the Model X makes it happen, with style to spare. Many Tesla Model X owners will be satisfied with the “sleeper” appearance but at Unplugged we desire a more emotional and fierce presence for the road.”

Have they succeeded? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Here’s a gallery of the new design:

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