Interested in electric cars, but feel like you never see them on the road in your area?  Have you tried in vain to find a knowledgeable EV salesperson or to get a test drive at your local dealership?  Do you want a chance to talk to real EV owners and find out what it’s like to own one?  If the answer to any of these questions is yes, Plug In America’s 6th Annual Drive Electric Week might be for you.

Drive electric week (Sept 10-18) continues this weekend with 236 events all over the US and Canada, with a few events overseas as well.  Events are free to the public and organized by local EV owners with the intent of showing off their cars to other EV owners and to the public.  It’s a great chance for curious members of the public to bypass salespeople and talk to actual EV owners.  Many events also have informational booths, panel sessions, EV parades and ride-and-drives where you can test drive multiple electric vehicles all in one place.  Sometimes there are even prototypes of upcoming models.  Events are free to the public and no registration is necessary, though EV owners can register to show their cars at individual events on the event’s page.

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