Tesla Model 3 prototypes are being spotted more frequently lately. Last week, we saw the black matte  Model 3 prototype in a video on the road and leaked shots inside of what looked like a service center. Now the silver prototype was spotted at the Fremont factory.

It’s July 1st today, which means it’s Canada Day, but also that we are exactly one year away from the deadline for Model 3 parts, both from suppliers and from in-house manufacturing, that CEO Elon Musk set earlier this year in his new production plan for the vehicle.

We are also only a few weeks away from ‘pencil down’ on the vehicle’s design, which means that the next prototypes we see should look slighty different from these alpha prototypes we have been seeing around.

Juan D. and Jamison Bair visited the Fremont Factory yesterday and shared pictures of the prototype spotted in front of the building:

I think the silver prototype is hard to beat.

Earlier this week, we released an exclusive report about the Tesla Model 3 inverter architecture, which will allow for an output higher than 300kW putting its power capacity near Model S.

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