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While we’ve had the chance to see the Tesla Model 3 prototype in a few different settings, including in the wild and during a media photoshoot, we can’t move the car around see it in different colors or in under every angle, until now… sort of.

The first 3D model of the Model 3 is out and the result is quite impressive.

Veteran Blender 3D artist Mike Pan created the model from a few pictures and videos:

“The model is recreated entirely from the few number of photos and launch video. This was done before the MotorTrend exclusive, so there are some inaccuracies. Took me about 2 weeks.”

We’ll give Mike a pass for the few inaccuracies, like the roof, since overall the whole product is stunning.

Here’s an interactive embedded render. You can move it around and if you have access to a VR headset, like a Google cardboard, you can put it in “VR mode” and enjoy some virtual reality Tesla Model 3:

Tesla Model 3 Sedan by mike on Sketchfab

Mike is based in Vancouver, Canada and you can visit his website to see more of his work.

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