tesla easter egg charge port

At this point, it’s obvious that Tesla and Elon Musk are fond of Easter Eggs. Pretty much every new update coming to the Model S and Model X now contains a new and fun hidden feature, and based on the last two, it looks like Tesla is going for a rainbow theme.

The last Easter Egg was found last month and it changed the animation of the road detected by the Autopilot to a Mario Kart-style rainbow road.

Here are some other Tesla Easter Eggs we covered recently:

Now this new one, which is already dubbed the ‘Rainbow Charge Port’, changes the settings of the LED around the charge port to display the colors of a rainbow.

Here’s a video from Tesla owner Kevin Schreiber:

Kevin explains how to activate it:

While car is locked and charging, press button on charge handle 10 times in quick succession. Works on Model S and X.

Sidenote: it might only work on the most recent models, not necessarily just with the latest update. Our publisher, Seth, tried on his early 2013 Model S with the latest update and it didn’t work. Let us know if it works on yours.

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