Washington state currently offers a sales tax break on electric vehicles with a price tag of up to $35,000. It’s a well-intended and interesting offer, but in reality, it doesn’t apply to a lot of vehicles. Even for something like a Nissan Leaf, it only applies to the base model with a 24 kWh battery pack and no options.

Today we learn (via NW News) that Gov. Jay Inslee signed legislation introducing a compromise that will allow more people to benefit from the tax break on a slightly more interesting lineup of electric vehicles..

The $35,000 cap on the price of the vehicle has been lifted to a base MSRP of up to $42,500. The compromise is that the sales tax exemption only applies to the first $32,000.

Nonetheless, the change will enable BMW i3 buyers and also eventual Tesla Model 3 buyers to received the exemption, which is equivalent to between $2,600 to $3,100 depending on the county.

The new model will start in July and the alternative fuel vehicle sales tax exemption is set to expire in mid-2019.

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