Tesla found an interesting and increasingly growing market for the Model S in relatively small Austria, a country of ~8 million people. 2014 was the Model S’ first full year of deliveries in the country and Tesla only managed to deliver 136 units, based on registration data.

In 2015, Tesla’s deliveries grew 261% to 492 Model S sedans – not far behind much bigger countries like France, which has 8x the population of Austria but registered only 708 Model S’s during the same period. It also made the Model S the best-selling plug-in vehicle in the country, far ahead of popular vehicles in Europe like the BMW i3 (291 units) and Renault Zoe (279 units).

Tesla is in a good position to grow in the country again this year with 196 Model S’s delivered in the last 3 months alone – 148% more than it did in 2015, according to registration data.

Here’s a chart of Model S registrations in Austria over the past 3 years:Austria Tesla Q1 2016

Tesla significantly expanded its presence in Austria last year. The automaker has now 9 Supercharger locations in the country, with more underway, and it also operates four stores with 3 service centers.

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