Recent pictures of SolarCity’s ‘Gigafactory’ show that the solar panel plant is, at least from the outside, looking close to be ready for production. The Buffalo News managed to get a bird eyes view of the plant and compared the progress with pictures from a year ago. Here’s a look at SolarCity’s factory now vs a year ago around the time it was announced:solarcity plant sept 2015The plant, which should start low volume production in 2016, is expected to produce 1 GW of solar modules per year at planned capacity starting in 2017, and the company says it could expand the facility to 5 GW per year.

We recently reported that the SolarCity aims at producing solar modules with at least 20% efficiency at a $0.50/Watt cost.

If you want more pictures of the company’s progress in Buffalo, you can watch The Buffalo News’ gallery.

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