Update: It would appear that this would be for the Model S and not the X according to Musk who just tweeted this out.

Tesla sent press invites out last night to select media for a small quick event today at 11am local Pacific time. We won’t be on hand but have heard from a variety of sources on the matter. Only one knows what it is and could only say that it is a “new option”. I’ve been discussing the likelihood that Tesla will announce a 100+kWh pack with Frederic who noted that CEO Elon Musk said in January:WtNbhRn

But interestingly that Tweet was recently deleted. We also know that Tesla is very competitive in the battery industry and a new electric car company called Faraday Future announced this week that their car, available in two years, will have a 100kWh battery.  Musk would love to stomp on this before it even starts just like he squashed any BMW i8 lust with the P85D.

In January 2014, at a roadshow in Norway, Musk said that a bigger pack would be coming “next year..something like that”

Some more commentary lays out the case for at least 10-15% more range for the same pack (And as much as 30-40%). At 10% improvement that would be 1.1*85= 93.5 kWh. At 15%, 1.15*85= 97.75 kWh

We’ve heard that the Model X is scheduled to begin production on or around August 27th  give or take a week and it would be exciting to get orders up before launch.

We’ll have the news as it breaks at 2PM Eastern/11am Pacific.

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