Car and Driver says what I’ve been saying for ‘years’: The Chevy Spark EV, even though it was devised to meet California legislation, is the best small to mid-tier EV on the road. As I’ve said before, it has more torque than a Ferrari, can be fast charged in 20 minutes and still has the best EPA ratings in the country with 120 miles per “eGallon” of Electricity.

It also has a sub-$20,000 (incl. Fed Tax Cred) price tag.

The downsides? Well, it has a certain look to it and it isn’t at all roomy. The biggest bummer however is that it is only being sold in California and Oregon currently. That doesn’t mean you can’t call a dealer up and have one shipped. I’ve priced it out and it can be done for under $1000.  Here’s another Spark EV review from CNN.

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