People who arrive at California’s largest two airports will now be able to rent a Tesla Model S for around $500/day. As part of its fleet of elite ‘Dream Car’ vehicles which include Ferraris and Porches, Hertz rental car will offer around 5 of the vehicles to customers. Theoretically, those customers could take advantage of Tesla’s Supercharger network and drive throughout the state.

The move is a smart one for Tesla, as it gets more prospective buyers behind the wheel in real live situations. At the $500/day price tag, it will also narrow the focus of the test drive on higher income folks.

Hertz isn’t the first rental car company to dole out Tesla Model S’s however. Enterprise has been renting three Teslas since June at a more reasonable $300-$500/day and plans to match Hertz’s fleet of  five by the end of the year.

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