Best center console liners for Tesla Model 3, Model Y, and more

Looking to prolong the life of your cupholders and cubbies in your new Tesla’s center console? It might seem a bit superfluous to put liners on your liners, but these can definitely save you some headaches. Fred had it right when he wrote about our top pick last year:

You just drop those things inside the cup holders and the center console, and it will save you a lot of time when you, or a most likely a passenger, inevitably spill something.

Here are some great options for console liners for your new Tesla vehicle.

Best center console liners for Tesla Model 3/Model Y

CupHolderHero Console Liner for Tesla

CupHolderHero for Tesla Model 3

The standard in Model 3 center console liners.

There are lots of options to choose from when it comes to the best center console and cup holder liners for your Tesla, but easily one of the most popular options is the CupHolderHero for Tesla Model 3. These are made of flexible, odorless rubber, and come in 5 different variants: blue trim, dark blue trim, red trim, solid black, and white trim. This is a seven piece set that will finish your entire center console.

JKCOVER center console liner

JKCOVER Center Console Liner for Model 3

Get a 13-piece set with door liners.

Honestly, many of the best center console liners you can buy for your Tesla are going to be similar in form and function, and these JKCOVER center console liners are just another option. The main difference with this JKCOVER set is that, unlike the CupHolderHero, it comes with a 6-piece set for lining the door compartment liners as well. In total, this is a 13-piece set, and it comes at about the same price as the CupHolderHero. There are two colors options with these sets: red and black.

Likely LED rubber cup holder liner

LIKELY LED Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Rubber Cup Holder

For shrinking your cup holders.

Many Tesla Model 3 owners have noticed that the cup holders are a bit monstrous — built for a 7-Eleven Big Gulp cup perhaps. For those who prefer cup holders that have a tighter fit, the best Tesla console liner might actually be this rubber cup holder insert from LIKELY LED. This has a perfect fit for Model 3 and Model Y, and will hold your mugs and cups much tighter for that bumpy commute.