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Tesla Model 3 reservations will begin early for employees, without discounts (Updated)

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Update: We’ve updated the post with confirmation that Tesla will be offering employees early access to Model 3 purchases but will not be offering employee discounts. 

A Tesla source has informed us that at least a few employees have been told that they will have first dibs on Model 3 reservations before the general public get access on March 31st. A guess would put this near the March 23-25th timeframe for employees. It isn’t clear if all employees would be eligible for the early reservations.

Currently, Tesla employees only get discounts on pre-owned and floor model Model Ses and will eventually on Xes as well – just like customers. And, just like for customers, Tesla doesn’t offer any kind of discount to its new vehicles other than through its referral program, which currently offers $1,200 credit for the installation of a charging station. Expand