BMW i3 2017 Stories May 2, 2016


Last week we reported on BMW advertising its new 2017 BMW i3 as having “50% more range” and now the automaker makes its updated all-electric vehicle official and confirms a 33 kWh battery pack – making it one of the biggest non-Tesla pack currently on the market.

The automaker is now referring to the i3’s new range as “up to 114-mile”, which is not exactly a 50% increase depending on the standard. expand full story

BMW i3 2017 Stories April 29, 2016

Verschiffung BMW i3 in Bremerhaven 11-2015

BMW has been talking about introducing a higher capacity battery pack for a while now. At first, we were talking about a roughly 25% improvement on the EPA-rated range of 81 miles, which would have increased the range to about 100 miles.

Later, the increase was then said to be closer to about a 50% increase based on comments by BMW AG board member Ian Robertson. It looks like BMW is now sticking to that number and even used it to advertise the next generation, which should be made available this summer. expand full story

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