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Solar power Stories June 16

Check out this solar + green hydrogen mobile nanogrid with a level 2 EV charger

Jackson, Michigan-based Sesame Solar is today unveiling what it claims is the world’s first fully renewable mobile nanogrid – that’s a small microgrid – that runs on solar and green hydrogen.

Solar power Stories June 6

Biden throws a lifeline to ‘paralyzed solar supply chain’ by waiving tariffs for 24 months

President Joe Biden will today waive tariffs for 24 months on solar panels made in Southeast Asia in response to a Department of Commerce (DOC) investigation that is destabilizing the US solar industry.

Solar power Stories June 2

Biden administration slashes rent by 50% on US public land for wind and solar

The Biden administration announced this week that it will cut the cost of building wind and solar on US public land by 50%.

Solar power Stories June 13

The US Army just launched the largest floating solar farm in the Southeast – why this is a big deal

The US Army has launched the largest floating solar farm in the Southeast. It’s also the first project of its kind for the US Department of Defense.

Solar power Stories May 31

Sono Motors and CHEREAU to codevelop solar refrigerated trailer to be unveiled at IAA 2022

Solar electric vehicle startup Sono Motors has announced a purchase contract with European refrigerated trailer expert CHEREAU to codevelop a solar-powered version for fleet trucks and trailers. Together, the companies hope to leverage Sono’s solar technology to reduce both fuel costs and CO2 emissions. The new solar-powered refrigerated vehicle is expected to debut at IAA Transportation […]

Solar power Stories May 26

Georgia gives US solar panel manufacturing a big boost with a new factory

Seoul-headquartered PV solar-cell manufacturing giant Q Cells today announced that it’s opening a new solar panel manufacturing facility in Dalton, Georgia.

Solar power Stories May 23

Florida’s Climate First Bank launches online solar lending with no fees

St. Petersburg, Florida-based Climate First Bank, which claims to be the world’s first FDIC-insured community bank founded to fight the climate crisis, today launched an online solar lending platform for Florida residents.

Solar power Stories June 23

Where do G7 countries like the US, Japan, and Germany stand in their shift to clean energy?

Here’s where the world’s seven largest economies stand in their clean energy transitions ahead of the 48th G7 Leaders’ Summit next week in Germany.

Solar power Stories May 17

A California car dealership follows Tesla’s lead by selling solar alongside EVs

Capistrano Volkswagen/Mazda, a car dealership in San Juan Capistrano, California, has partnered with San Diego-based solar and battery installation company Stellar Solar to offer EV customers solar, battery storage, and EV connectivity to power their cars with clean energy.

Solar power Stories May 18

Electrify America announces new solar energy farm that can generate up to 75 MegaWatts

EV charging network Electrify America has announced the start of a 15-year virtual power purchase agreement (VPPA) with renewable energy developer Terra-Gen to build a sustainable solar farm in Southern California. The project, named “Electrify America Solar Glow 1,” is estimated to produce enough solar power annually to more than offset any energy delivered on […]

Solar power Stories May 16

Check out ArkHAUS – A modular, floating, solar-electric social club for members only

If you thought Soho House was exclusive, wait until you see this. ArkHAUS is an upcoming members-only social club that is as innovative as it is stylish, offering multiple solar-powered, electrically propelled vessels than can be connected to create large floating spaces to work, socialize, and enjoy the views – all while supporting local marine […]

US solar is under threat from a DOC inquiry, but the commerce secretary won’t step in

A US Department of Commerce (DOC) probe — investigating whether Southeast Asian solar cell manufacturers are using parts made in China that would normally be subject to a tariff — is destabilizing the US solar industry, which relies on solar module imports to meet growing demand. Bipartisan lawmakers wanted answers from US Secretary of Commerce […]

Solar power Stories May 25

EU renewables plan spotlights Japan’s weak targets as G7 energy meeting kicks off

The EU plans to transition to renewables more than twice as fast as Japan by 2030, according to new analysis released by global energy think tank Ember ahead of the G7 environment, climate, and energy ministers meeting, which kicks off today in Berlin. The ministers will decide whether and how G7 countries will commit to […]

Solar power Stories May 13

Americans will soon be able to buy home solar panels from IKEA

IKEA announced yesterday that it’s partnering with residential energy services provider SunPower, a 35-year solar veteran, to sell home solar panels to US customers. The Swedish-based multinational company wants to make solar more easily accessible for consumers.

Solar power Stories May 12

Here’s how Americans feel about rooftop solar and how it affects their house values

In order to understand the impacts of adopting rooftop solar in the United States, customer review and consumer news platform ConsumerAffairs polled 1,000 US homeowners about their views on and overall experience with solar panels. Here’s what the homeowners said.