The Tesla Model 3 has been put through the “moose test” in order to test its handling capabilities.

The “moose test” is an evasive maneuver test that consists of determining how well a certain vehicle can evade a suddenly appearing obstacle that could take an entire lane, like a moose.

Spanish car magazine km77 put Tesla’s Model X through the test two years ago.

The electric SUV performed fairly well, but it also had some difficulties at higher speeds – like many other SUVs.

Now Model 3 is Tesla’s lightest car by a wide margin and it was expected to perform a lot better in the test.

Sure enough, km77 called the Model 3’s performance in the moose test “exemplary”:

“The Tesla Model 3 has given a very good result in the circuit tests, a record in the case of the dodge, and the unanimous opinion of the three drivers who participated is that it is a car that reacts in an exemplary manner in these exercises.”

The electric vehicle performed very well up to 88 km/h (55 mph), which is when they started hitting the traffic cones.

Here’s a video of the Model 3 going through the test:

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