Tesla is on a roll when it comes to accessories. It released another highly anticipated accessory today: its own Model 3 all-weather Interior mats.

It’s a product that many Model 3 owners have been waiting for a while.

The automaker is now releasing them over a year later after starting production.

Tesla describes the product on its shop website:

“Model 3 All-Weather Floor Mats are made from thermoplastic elastomer material, for extreme-duty floor protection. Exclusive grid pattern crafted by Tesla’s Design Studio.”

Here are a few images of the new accessory that the automaker released today:

As with most of Tesla’s accessories, this comes with a significant premium. The automaker is selling the kit for $145.

Electrek’s Take

As I stated in my 10 Must-Have Tesla Model 3 Accessories post, I recommend using floormats, but I didn’t wait for Tesla’s own.

I bought Tesla’s floormats for my Model S, but I was disappointed. They are very expensive and bulky.

For my Model 3, I went with the ToughPRO Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats Set ($85 on Amazon). It was significantly less expensive and it does the job perfectly. 

That said, I am curious about those new ones. If you guys end up getting them, please let us know how they are.

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