A month after opening orders for the Model 3 Dual Motor and Performance versions, Tesla has yet to deliver the vehicle.

That’s about to change based on the Model 3 VINs that Tesla is registering since they are mostly all dual motor vehicles these days.

Yesterday, CEO Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla produced 100 Model 3 Performance vehicles.

Those vehicles are reportedly for Tesla’s Model 3 test drive fleet, but the first vehicles for customers are expected “soon”.

Tesla has recently been registering a lot of Model 3 VINs with NTHSA – at a record rate despite already having a significant backlog of registered VINs.

The latest batch registered today pushed the total of Model 3 VINs registered in less than two weeks in July to over 13,000:

It certainly means that Tesla is preparing to make a major batch of Model 3 Dual Motor/Performance vehicles, but it doesn’t give us a good idea of the timing.

Tesla has a reserve of registered Model 3 VINs.

The highest VIN registered is 69,601, but Tesla is still delivering Model 3 with VINs tens of thousands below that.

But the rate at which Tesla registers more of them is a good indication of what Tesla is about to produce and now it points toward producing a lot of Model 3 vehicles with dual motors.

Tesla has been rapidly moving away from its ‘anti-selling’ of the Model 3 with a new sales commission for its staff when selling the Performance version and moving away from the reservation process.

These moves come after Tesla achieved a production rate of 5,000 Model 3 vehicles in a week, but now the market is looking to see if they can maintain it.

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