Earlier this year, we reported on a ridiculously quick Honda Accord powered by a Tesla performance drive unit.

The owner is still tuning the machine and he has now beat his own record with a ludicrous 0 to 60 mph acceleration in just 2.48 seconds.

As we recently reported, we are going to see more electric conversions with Tesla drive units soon thanks to a new company started by Jason Hughes, a prominent Tesla hacker and tinkerer.

Jason bought a ton of Tesla Model S and Model X salvaged vehicles. He repaired a few and used the parts of others to create projects, like a massive home energy storage system

Now, he is putting some of his inventory up for sale through his new company HSR Motors. He is selling Tesla battery modules, drive units, and a custom control system that enables people to control Tesla motors for their conversion projects.

YouTube user ‘Jimmy Built’ is among the firsts to use a HSR Motors system – interestingly combined with a Chevy Volt battery pack – to convert a vehicle.

We reported on Jimmy’s built in February and at the time, he commented in the description of his video:

“Some of our first 0-60 mph testing in Teslonda. We managed to get 2.7 seconds out of her, and that is with 38 degree asphalt, cold tires and a cold battery. I’m thinking 2.5 seconds is possible.”

Sure enough, he now released a more detailed look at the vehicle and new test runs – including one in just 2.48 seconds:

That’s pretty much just as fast as stock Tesla Model S performance vehicle with dual motor P100D, but he is using a single ‘Performance Large Tesla Drive Unit package’ from HSR which has a 400 kW (536 HP) peak power output and only 16 kWh of energy capacity.

Of course, the difference is the weight. Jimmy reports a weight of 2,438 lbs – about half the weight of a Model S P100D.

Along with the Tesla drive unit, Jimmy is also using a Chevy Volt EV battery pack, which supports a higher discharge than Tesla’s battery, but Tesla’s drive unit is more powerful than the Volt’s. It makes combining the two an interesting idea for an all-electric drag racing car.

It’s the first time that someone has tried this combination. We previously reported on an all-electric kit car with Tesla drivetrain and Volt battery running a quarter-mile in 10.1 seconds.

Other interesting electric conversion projects that we recently reported on include a classic 427 Shelby Cobra powered by a Tesla electric motor & Kia Soul EV battery pack, a 1969 VW Karmann Ghia into an all-electric classic, and a Tesla-powered electric dune buggy that accelerates shockingly fast in sand.

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