Tesla released a new software update for all its vehicles and its mobile app this week. Nothing major, but it adds a new convenience feature for the entire lineup as it also keeps pushing Model 3-specific updates to complete the new vehicle’s user interface.

The automaker started pushing this week the software updated 2018.10 to its fleet.

It looks like the bulk of the update is small improvements and bug fixes, but Tesla also added a feature to control the trunk and frunk (front trunk) with its mobile app.

Tesla wrote in the release notes:

“Need to load packages into your Model S (and X or 3)? Now you can open the front and rear trunks ahead of time using the Tesla mobile app, so that when you walk up to your vehicle, it’s ready for you to easily place items inside.”

The new feature is available when combining the vehicle software update and the new mobile app update 3.2.0 or later. The version 3.3.0 came out yesterday with bug fixes.

As usual, keep in mind that Tesla’s vehicle software update rollout is somewhat inconsistent and therefore, it can take a while before everyone in the fleet get the latest, but it happens sooner or later.

In recent months, Tesla’s software team has been busy with the Model 3 software, which shipped out incomplete.

Recent updates specific to the Model 3 brought several bug fixes and added features like the ability to view and manage paired keys, simplified windshield wiper controls, and owners now have access to the Owner’s Manual and latest Release Notes on the touchscreen.

Once the vehicle’s software is completed, we can start to expect the broader rollout of some long-promised updates, like the highly-anticipated revamped maps and navigation engine and new Autopilot updates.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a clear timeline on when that’s going to happen.

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