Goodyear unveils new tire for electric cars to reduce wear from powerful instant torque

There’s no getting around it, the instant torque of electric vehicles can be quite hard on tires – especially with the heavier and more powerful models, like Tesla’s.

Goodyear claims to have a solution with a new tire aimed at the electric vehicle market.

After testing, Goodyear says that “traditional tires can wear out up to 30% faster on electric vehicles.”

At the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show this week, they unveiled the “EfficientGrip Performance with Electric Drive Technology”, which they claim will reduce the wear from high torque.

Chris Delaney, President of Goodyear Europe, Middle East and Africa, says that they are working to bring the technology to market next year:

“The combination of increasing regulations to reduce emissions, the desire to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, and rapid gains in battery technology is creating an ideal environment for electric vehicles. We are working with automakers to introduce our Electric Drive Technology next year designed to address the unique performance requirements of this growing vehicle segment.”

Here’s the tire:

They claim that it will also help energy consumption and therefore increase range:

Goodyear says that they are also working on making the tires quieter since road noise often appears greater in electric vehicles due to the lack of engine noise.

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